Thursday, 5 July 2012

Through His Style ...

Shops for men are full of stylish or rather, jaw-dropping beautiful clothes BUT not all men make the right choices. Us, Women tend to follow trends and wear what's ''in'' some of us dress ourselves in ehhh... ''wrong ways'' but there is a handful of us that are on point but I don't know if you've noticed but it's more jaw-dropping, drop dead gorgeous when a Man knows his Style and Fashion than when a Woman knows her Style and Fashion. WHY? Well the answer is simple; it's not common amongst Men but common amongst Women. Women love clothes whether their style is flawless, has flaws or just needs the Fashion Police unlike Men who, only a few pay attention to what they wear....

It's through his style that i will find him interesting or attractive.
It's through his style that i will be impressed.
It's through his style that i'll say ''Hey, i'd like to get to know you more.''

So what if i land in the Friendzone, atleast i associate myself with people who know Fashion.

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