Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I've grown to realise that Fashion is indeed an Art Form of it's own.
When an Artist is about to create a masterpiece, the Artist has their canvass, paint brushes, oil paint or whatever paint. Fashion is the exact same thing. Through one's journey of Fashion, a person becomes an Artist, for Fashionista's, it becomes a daily thing.

Your body is your canvass, your fingers and mind that pick out that outfit, deciding on your Yes ans No's become your Paint Brushes and Paint. You blissfully paint your body with those clothes and the end result is a masterpiece, a masterpiece some people will like, love, LOVE, dislike or HATE.

I'm on my own journey of discovering MY style, what looks good on MY body, what to wear and what not to wear and i stumble and fall through bad outfits and rise through recognizing my mistakes.
In this journey I also feed my ignorant mind about style, fashion, designers, trends, you name it.

I've also learnt that besides Fashion being Art or Clothes or Shoes, It's also the beauty of the world around us, you'd be surprised where most designers find their inspirations.
Fashion is all around us, all one has to do, is, open your heart and take a closer look.


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