Saturday, 7 July 2012

Aztec Fashion


Aztec Fashion is picturesque and complex Fashion that originates from, obviously the Aztec culture. The Fashion industry has this culture to thank for such beautiful patterns on clothes. Aztec clothing can make a bold statement in an outfit and often worn with neutral colours so the outfit doesn't get TOO busy OR you can be like Solange(in the picture) and match your Aztec clothing with another print but PLEASE Do. It. Right.

Aztec women were responsible for making the Aztec clothing BY HAND. Can you believe it? Making clothing with such intricate patterns and detail by hand?! Damn.

The way members of the Aztec culture dressed was very important, it had to symbolize their social structure. Kind'a like it is in our modern days, the way a rich person dresses usually differs from the way a poor person or less-privileged person will dress except during tthe Aztec years, clothes weren't bought, they were made so if you were poor, you made clothes of lower standards, sad hey?!

Just like any other culture, the Aztecs had ceremonies that they performed. They had Human sacrifice ceremonies -____-. OMG!
Besides THOSE thye also had celebrations and festivals and they wore beautifully designed costumed with way more detail than a person can ever imagine.


 M O D E R N
                                                A Z T E C
The modern world, the fashion industry took this culture and put it to good use and made it even more beautiful. I, personally would be skeptical of buying Aztec clothing cause sometimes detail scares me a little bit but it doesn't hurt to be a little brave in this World of Fashion, sometimes even pays off. 

<--------/Look at this backpack, nice isn't it? I Love It.

YES YES YES YES. Imagine seeing someone looking like this in public though? Just a thought!

            C .....

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