Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Feature: C. Marques

Not only is his favourite Fashion Designer Neil Barret but his blog title made me shout "YES" when I first saw it. Okay here it is: "Life is too short to wear bad clothes."

YES, IT IS Right?
Okay here are the Qs & As:

Denim on Denim. Love It. Hardly ever disappoints

-Full Name?

Let´s just go as C. Marques. 


-Where did you get your love for fashion?

I actually don´t know. I guess that I just like clothes, you know? haha


-Your favourite designer and why?

I guess I´ll have to go with Neil Barrett. I love everything he does. His clothes are very versatile and I like that.


-What is your "Go-To Outfit?"

Blazer, white shirt and dark jeans. Works like a charm.


-Are you currently studying or working? Is it fashion related?

I´m an architect. It´s an incredible fashionable job, if I might say.


-What, in your opinion gets a person to be labeled a "Fashion Icon?"



-Has where you live influenced your style in any way?

Nice question. I guess it was my time in Italy that influenced it the most.


-How would you advise young males out there to tackle the journey of finding their style?

Don´t be afraid to wear what you like. Be yourself. (but tailor your clothes)


-What are the 5 most basic Items a Male should have in his closet?

Slim fitted two button blazer.

Dark slim fit jeans.

Double monk strap shoes.

Great underwear (get some d&g, guys)

White shirts.


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