Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rita Ora

I open my laptop, mot really sure what I want to blog about but i found myself googling images of Rita Ora. I used to be one of those people who completely loved someone my friends or people around weren't familiar with. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Ms Ora.

The RnB, Pop, Soul, smooth Jazz Singer, songwriter and Actress is signed with Jay-z's Record label, Roc Nation. Mr Carter makes wise choices I gotta say ..
Rita Ora is does an outstanding job at what she does and one thing I love about her is that a listener like me can tell through her music that she LOVES and LIVES for what she's doing, she's enjoying it, it's not rocket science for her to bring that message across to her fans, I love artist's like that

Now, Ms Ora is being compared to Rihanna, their styles are similar, i noticed too in her R.I.P Video with Tinnie Tempah and not only their perfomance or musical style but their wardrobe too it seems and they're quite similar but maybe i'm a little biased but I think Ms Ora is better.

Rita Ora's style: Daring, Fun, Brave, What I'd wish to wear if i had the body..
Rita Ora seems to be messing around and fooling around or rather, having fun with the clothes in her wardrobe and well she loves it and so do I. She's a beautiful woman with and absolutely beautiful body and she knows how to work with her body which I love. "I can say that it's all me and there are no rules, ladies! I just dress how I want to and in whatever makes me feel comfortable," she told British Magazine.

Her dress sense is edgy and brave, it gets people talking and the average, normal person would a little too afraid of the dozen and more eyes gawking when walking down the street but ''Normal'', like I've said written before, is indeed overrated. This girl right her is going to earn a name for herself, not just in the music world but in the fashion world as well, i'm actually excited to see more from her, in the fashion industry and what she has to dish out.

I love that picture----------------------------------------------------->>>
Fierce isn't it?!

Ms Ora is not all fierce looking and rocking the "I don't care what you think'' outfits but she can also rock the ''look how I just did a 360'' style where she becomes more lady-like and more elegant than funky or ''edgy.''

Okay yes I know I bombarded you guys with these pictures but she's just so, so, so, beautiful.

Her transformations

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