Saturday, 7 July 2012


Now i don't blog about celeb buzz or anything but Kim K's r/ship with rapper, Kanye West grabs my attention. The couple is seen everywhere together, hand in hand and looking DAMN GOOD.
I think the 'looking DAMN GOOD' part is what actually interests.
Both parties have a passion for fashion and i think that's part of the reason why they always look on point!
I wish they'd get married actually. I don't even want to lie, I don't like Kim Kardashian, LOVE LOVE Kanye but they seem to make a power couple. actually, they're like B and Jay, just a little tinsy winsy bit though ...
1) Matching white outfits above are doing it gor me, love 'em.   
  2) All Black Outfit, beautiful too and look how Kim added that touch of silver jewellery and Kanye added the Gold Jewellery, Beautiful right?

3) Okay here i just love Kim K's red Lace Dress. would'a loved the outfit more if she paired it with platform pumps instead though :/

See what i'm talking about when i say DAMN GOOD? 4) This picture is one of my favourites. gorgeous!!

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