Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Best South African Celeb Style: Toya

I was watching Idols (a South African Music show which is exactly like American Idols, yes) and Toya DeLazy, a South African Music Artist perfomed on stage and she wore an amazing outfit, as always. Her style is impeccable. Like I've said before and like I'll always say, I love it when people don't give a fuck with their clothes and STILL make their outfits look very good. Amazing right? Fashion really is Art though.

PICTURE 1: I love that turqoise blazer, especially because of the black lining. An orange cardigan? I'm sure I'd look at it and pass if I saw it in a store BUT that's before I got real with Fashion and before people like Toya inspired me.

PICTURE 2: I've been meaning to buy myself those oval shaped glasses, really. I love them, especially on her. I love how the look from shoulders down looks a bit on the "smart" side then you add the long socks and glasses and it's diverted to the Fun side.




PICTURE 3: *Screams* Okay, not really BUT look at that bow tie. Can I just die?
                                    Isn't she just amazing? Yes she is.
Then This hairstyle of her's below? If my head weren't so big I swear I'd try it out.
So basically, Toya is an amazing Music Artist, I'd actually love watching one of her shows one day and I sincerely hope she excels even more in the music industry and I hope even more she doesn't lose the creativity she puts onto her body. I hope she realises she's an artist in more ways than one. Living proof that YES, FASHION IS INDEED ART.

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