Sunday, 21 October 2012

Elle Inspired.

Solange Looks Amazing here.
This post is inspired by ELLE South Africa's 'For the love of Summer' Issue.

Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer.

What is it about this season? It CANNOT be the heat, okay not where i live it gets blazing hot. Okay, maybe being able to wear your cheeky shorts and crop tops because it's so hot? Yes. Maybe.

I love summer. Every body loves summer. Designers go mad when it's summer. Everything becomes so alive and beautiful, the printed clothes, the colours just the different ways people put together their clothes, such wonderful style. I think the key to summer is to DEFINITELY to dress for your body shape, size and type. Thunder thighs don't go so well with cheeky shoes hey!

And can I just say that if YOU can rock tropical prints then I Love You. I am STILL not brave enough to rock prints, I need to find my bravado.

                                      SOLANGE KNOWLES. Enough said.

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