Saturday, 28 January 2012

Guess who's back?

It's BEEN a while hey, unfortunately but this time i'm back cause i FINALLY got my laptop so now i can blog without having to steal my dad's laptop. SO SO happy AND grateful. I LoVe My Dad. So Yess I'm back, time to get blogging i guess..
I'm really not that into flowers BUT i am into colour
and these colours are doin'
it for me.
Goin' through the web i found some nice Retro Vintage Fashion, LoVed it.

I STILL want to fix my blog properly cause i'm not pleased but i'm going to have to wait for next week because that's when i can get access to the internet w/my own laptop but anyways..
 Glad i'll be sharing my thoughts with you guys ...

Polka Dots. Love the
Blue Belt. Bringin'
it Together!!

I'd SO wear these!!!
Retro Street Style..
Different. Out of the box. LoVe It.

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