Saturday, 28 January 2012

Girls Being Bored=PHOTOSHOOT!!

LoVe the Pink Belt. These are my first
High Waisted Jeans btw..
Just took a quick photoshoot. i was pretty quick considering the fact that i changed outfits and blaaah dee blaaah. You girls should know how photoshoots go?! I'd like to think i'm not alone with changing outfits, hair etc ..

I made my own Crop Top yo..


This is actually a chain that WAS attached to my stunners
then i made it a Key Holder and Now it's
a Bracelett :)

I never wear shorts but i thought, OH WHAT'

This actually a jump suit but i tucked in the top part
and Abra-Ca-Dabra.,

It felt good against my skin.
My dads OLD jersey, it even has holes
but the wrapping of the sleeves around my
waist was inspired by Aquamarine (The Movie)

Leopard Print!!!
The One Trend I'm hating at the moment.

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