Sunday, 3 June 2012

It's hard to stay away

I know! I know!

She posted about leaving two days ago but she's still blogging?

I was supposed to leave but i find myself getting bored and well i guess i'm using my opportunities of boredom for blogging BUT as from tomorrow, Monday, I WILL REALLY LEAVE. I swear cause this week, i need to do some serious studying.

I realised that i'm still very much ignorant about fashion. Just cause one knows how to mix and match outfits does not mean, they know FASHION. I've still got a lot of learning to do and i'm up for it.
I've never dreamed of undertaking a career in Fashion, I've infact made my mind up about Graphic and Web Design but lately, i've been thinking how if i was given the opportunity to work for ELLE South Africa, I most probably would not turn that opportunity down. I LOVE ELLE MAGAZINE.

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