Saturday, 9 June 2012


I started buying this magazine last year. Before that, it was on of those things where i look at the price and put it nicely back on rack. You see, i'm not working, i'm only 16 and before last year i didn't have an allowance where i can choose what to buy with ''My" money BUT now that i can afford it, i spend my money, religiously on it, every month!
I love this magazine SO MUCH. I am still on the ignorant side when it comes to fashion and i'm still learning and i guess ELLE Mag is another step in learning. This Magazine has a Style of it's own but it's weird, cause i can't seem to find a proper adjective to describe it. Yes, it's about Fashion, Style, Beauty but the articles written have a beauty of their own and always so interesting and inspirational.

I LoVe the ELLE team, I mean i've never met these people but just from the presentation of the cover to the last page of the magazine, i sense dedication, hardowork and ofcourse LoVe for their jobs. I'm in school and when i matriculate i hope to get into AAA School of Advertising so i can study Graphic Designing (I'm a person of Art, Creativity and Imagination and hardwork), born Graphic designer huh?
But i've been thinking a lot about how if i were to get the opportunity in the near future to work for ELLE, I would most probably jump at the opportunity because i love it so much.

Oh and did i mention how much i love Asanda Sizani's work?

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