Friday, 23 December 2011

Mini Skirt
Summer dress
City Shorts

It’s Summer and we all know we’ll be seeing the beauty of summer fashion and a little crimes in:
*Summer Dresses
-There’ll be a lot of floral too.
-if you have nice slim legs and well ofcourse a good fashion sense, Lace, Denim or Pleated shorts can do you good.
-If you’re a little busty with some hips, High Waisted Shorts can do you good but you gotta ave nice highs hey.
-You want to go a tad bit boyish? City Shorts are where you should start.
-Then for those who have wider hips and don’t exactly have the slim thighs LIKE ME, Chiffon Shorts or Bow Belt Shorts aren’t such a bad idea.
*Mini Skirts
- Go ahead Ladies, rock those Mini Skirts if you’ve got the legs and thighs.

Lace Shorts
Bow Belt
IT’S SUMMER and we all know what that means in Fashion.

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