Friday, 26 July 2013

My Sanctuary

My Sanctuary

I immediately enter 'It' and I immediately feel at home. I have a lot of things I use as an escapism, things I make my Utopia. I read, I listen to music, God BUT It's very rare that I can take these things with me everywhere and utilize them or utilize them when they're not exactly with me. Understand me?
No? Okay.

My Sanctuary is my escape, when with it, I'm with a world of diversity, colors, patterns, emotions. Yes, My Sanctuary, 'It' is my wardrobe and all that lies in it. Clothes, shoes, jewellery. Some may find this very materialistic as a matter of fact, I've been called materialistic but I don't think I am really.

You see, I love clothes, I love Fashion but I don't praise or worship neither or feel as though I cannot do without a gorgeous pair of heels, there are too many other things in life I value far more than Fashion. It may be My Sanctuary, My Escapism but that's where it ends. Fashion to me, is Utopia. I take pleasure in having to dress up, clothes can make me hide my own emotions and portray something else if I want to. Clothes bring out emotion in me & someone else as well, how someone portrays me at first impression without speech, depends on how I am dressed really. Stereotype even stems from 'Fashion'.

I love Fashion, a lot. A lot A lot. I can play around with it and be this and that. I love what it can do for me and other people as well. I love the diversity in it and its designers and that's why I respect every designer out there, good or bad. Designers have been able to create Art through Fashion.

My Sanctuary is where I feel at peace. My Wardrobe is where I feel like a canvas, ready to paint myself with whatever clothes my mind chooses. My Escapism is where I can explore different parts of my personality. It is where I feel the most accepted because I can really be ANYTHING & MYSELF all in one.

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