Wednesday, 10 April 2013

OZ: The Great and Powerful

OZ: The Great and Powerful
I recently went to watch the OZ: The Great and Powerful with a friend of mine, in 3D by the way and it was AMAZING. I fell in love with the graphics honestly and in movies based on stories such as the Wizard of Oz, you don't find 'normal' modern day fashion, the costumes were so wonderful and extravagant and of course, beautiful.

I am going to post the original costumes from the movie, the characters being:
- James Franco (Oz)
-Mila Kunis ( Good witch turned Bad)
-Rachel Weisz (Bad Witch) 
and Michelle Williams (Good Witch)
Costumes Designer: Gary Jones
Far Left: Mila Kunis, Left: James Franco Center: Michelle Williams and Right: Rachel Weisz

Mila Kunis in her Bad Witch Outfit

Mila Kunis (While she's a good witch) and James Franco

James and Mila
Oz Inspired photoshoots  (Harper's Magazine):

Guarded Beauty
-Carolina Herrera Gown

Louis Vuitton Dress

Watch the Throne
Bottega Veneta 
 Atelier Swarovski headpiece,Oscar de la Renta sandals
Photo Credit: Simon Proctor

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