Friday, 17 February 2012

Quick Stuff

On Tuesday was Valentine's Day. I'm not particluar fond of that day cause it's a bit overrated but if you celebrate it then do so happily. I promised myself the day i'll celebrate Valentines day is when i get a blue rose. Why Blue?? Because most girls around the world are getting red roses with teddy bears and chocolate (I'm not fond of it either) on this day and weeelllllll ........ I just like  being a little different.

Anyways, SCHOOL TODAY. We wore our casual clothes and what i noticed was that most girls were rocking the same style. High-Waisted Jeans with a crop top and Flats. Almost everyone was wearing that. i guess it's the in thing in our small little town hey. Besides these outfits being everywhere around me, just worn differently, there were a couple of girls who stood out for me and well, did it perfectly and not just normally. I wish i had my camera handy so i could have taken pictures and share them with you guys ...

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